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"There's no such thing as a painless lesson-they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can't gain anything without losing something first. Although if you can endure that pain and walk away from it, you'll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Yeah... a heart made Fullmetal." - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Anime Character Spotlight #2: Edward Elric

Name: Edward Elric
Age: 15-18
Birthday: 1899
Horoscope: N/A
Gender: Male
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Golden
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


  • Immature 
  • Stubborn 
  • Strong-willed
  • Selfish/Selflessness
  • Self-absorbed
  • Quick-tempered
  • Impatient
  • Love of travel
  • Loyal 
  • Great compassion 
  • Hero of the people
  • Wednesday, 29 October 2014

    Review of Psycho-Pass

    I would really advise people to only watch this Anime if you are 16+ years old or even older as of the adult content in this anime.

    The storyline is very unique in my opinion but of course there’s little things that may remind you of other anime. I found after the first two episodes I was hooked into it to watch the rest. I am not used to the adult content so it was a shock to see some certain scenes and its only because of that, that I am rating this less than perfect. This storyline is gripping and also it was emotional in certain places for me, because I admit I cried in two different places while watching this anime. (I am a sucker for crying).

    The Animation and Sound are just stunningly amazing although I didn’t really enjoy the opening songs, but I did enjoy the ending songs.

    The characters, well let’s just say I like and loved most of them bar a few of them. I am not saying who I don’t like, if you watch it, it should be obvious. The two main characters (Akane TSUNEMORI and Shinya KOUGAMI) are deffo my best chars as well but I also loved Tomomi MASAOKA because he was such a caring person being in the situation he was in.

    Overall I really enjoyed this anime bar the few scenes that was just a little overwhelming. An almost perfect anime and I am so happy that there is  a second season out now and also a movie coming out next year.

    Final Rating:

    Story- 9/10
    Animation- 10/10
    Sound- 9.5/10
    Characters- 9/10
    Overall- 9/10

    Sunday, 26 October 2014

    Anime Spotlight #9: D.N.Angel

    For Niwa Daisuke, turning 14 should be accompanied by romance and the promise of new adventures into adulthood, but instead comes with a surprising revelation: all male children of the Niwa's bloodline inherit the powers (alter ego) of Dark, a phantom thief, upon their 14th birthday! Now, in addition to his ever-present quest to win the heart of his childhood friend Risa, Daisuke must commit acts of thievery (with his doppelganger Dark controlling his body), to steal mysterious pieces of art for unknown purposes. For Daisuke, his growing pains are just beginning!

    Anime: D.N. Angel
    No. Eps:  26 Eps
    Studio: XEBEC
    Aired: 2003

    Reason for Spotlight:
    The reason I have chosen this for the spotlight is because I haven't found an anime that is similar to this, of course there's anime that have some elements of this, but not the point where I am comparing 24/7. This anime was on the first ones I loved and adored and it was an interesting storyline. This was an almost perfect anime but it had some minor problems but nothing that spoiled the enjoyment of this anime. If you have enjoyed anime such as "InuYasha" and "Pretear" and like genres such as "Fantasy" and "Drama" then you will most likely enjoy this anime.

    PS. The intro song is amazing and catchy :)

    My Rating: 4.5 Stars
    AVG. Rating on "Anime Planet" ATM: 3.47 Stars

    Saturday, 25 October 2014

    Anime Recommendation #7: If you like Sailor Moon you might like...

    If you liked Sailor Moon:
    Life can be tough when you're a teenager. Enter Tsukino Usagi, an average, if somewhat clumsy, junior high student whose voracious appetite for sweets and capacity for tears are offset by her enthusiasm for life. Her normal existence is suddenly turned upside down when a talking cat named Luna comes into her life. Suddenly, Usagi finds herself with the ability to transform into the superhero known as Sailor Moon. Fighting the occasional monster may be the least of her worries, though...

    You might like Cardcaptor Sakura:

    Sakura Kinomoto never imagined that by opening a book in her father's library, she'd be responsible for releasing wild magic into the world, yet that's exactly what she did. Too powerful to be let loose on the world, the magical Clow cards were sealed away long ago by their creator, Clow Reed. But all is not lost, for the guardian beast, Keroberos, was sealed along with the cards! Can Sakura, with the help of Keroberos, retrieve the cards before they wreak havoc on the town?

    • Girly Anime
    • Magical Girl
    • Cute :) 
    • Monster-of-the-Week
    • Family Friendly 
    • Oldish Anime (Although Sailor Moon has came back) 
    • School 
    • Friendship <3 
    • Awesome English Intro Songs :D 
    • Cool Costumes 

    Thursday, 23 October 2014

    Anime Character Spotlight #1: Yuki Cross

    Name: Yuki Cross
    Age: 16-17
    Birthday: 25th December
    Horoscope: Capricorn
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Reddish Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Anime: Vampire Knight/ Vampire Knight Guilty

    • Cheerful 
    • Caring 
    • Comedic girl 
    • Beloved smile
    • Dislikes studying 
    • Falls asleep in class 
    • Stays up all night 
    • Protects people
    • Strong attachment to her close friends
    • Indecisive  
    • Insecurity 

    Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    Review of Loveless

    The storyline in my opinion was unique and strange but I guess it was good. I felt like it was a slow start and then it got really interesting and then look what they do, they leave an open ending... I’m sorry but if you “think” there won’t be a second season, then don’t leave an open ending – And if its continued in the Manga, then it’s unfair on people who don’t read manga.

    The animation and sound were really good and I really love the opening song, and also the ending song was really good but not as good as the opening song.

    The Characters were lacking so much it’s unreal. I loved a few of the Characters but even the ones I loved I knew there was improvement to be made. “Soubi” was annoying every time he said “I love You”... I mean I know you do, but really do you have to keep saying it. It’s strange because normally the adults make more sense and are grown up but in this case, I felt like the children were more grown up.

    Overall I did like this Anime but the ending really made me rate this lower.

    Final Rating:

    Story- 7/10
    Animation- 9/10
    Sound- 10/10
    Characters- 7.5/10
    Overall- 7/10

    Sunday, 19 October 2014

    Anime Spotlight #8: Magi

    In a sand-swept land of caravans, brigands and adventurers, legends tell of the ominous dungeon towers that suddenly appeared 14 years ago. It's said that by clearing one of these prisons, you can obtain treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and even form a contract with magical genies of immense power - assuming you make it out alive. In this world, Alibaba is a young rogue who wants nothing more than to get rich by clearing all of the world's dungeons, starting with the nearby tower Amon; Aladdin is a curious young boy with a magical flute and a hidden ability; and Morgiana is a slave who can't escape her chains. As their fates intertwine, the three find themselves wandering the land, battling powerful enemies, and taking a stand against powerful forces that seek to corrupt the weak and innocent.

    Anime: Magi
    No. Eps:  25 Eps
    Studio: A-1 Pictures
    Aired: Fall 2012-2013

    Reason for Spotlight:
    This anime has everything that you need, Magic, Comedy and a good old Adventure. With this Anime, it teaches you a lot, and there is moments where you honestly can't believe it, but if anything becomes to serious, you can count on this Anime to cheer you up. There is something unique about this Anime that I just can't figure out. There is a second season, but I have yet to watch it yet, but I am planning on, because I want too see more of this Anime.

    My Rating: 5 Stars
    AVG. Rating on "Anime Planet" ATM: 4.28 Stars

    Saturday, 18 October 2014

    Anime Recommendation #6: If you like Fate/stay night you might like...

    If you liked Fate/stay night:
    The Holy Grail War is a battle between seven magicians who each summon a mythical hero to fight for their cause. Shirou, a twice orphaned high school boy, had so little magical talent that his foster father did not bother teaching him about the war and its meaning. Thanks to that lack of foresight, Shirou finds himself in a bit of a pinch when he accidentally summons a hero of the strongest class, and is sucked into the fray. The Grail grants the winner any wish they have. But driven by an unyielding sense of justice and self-sacrifice, for what will Shirou fight?

    You might like Shakugan no Shana:
    Sakai Yuuji thought he was a normal high school student, until one fateful day when time stopped. Watching in horror, he witnesses a monster devouring the "frozen" people around him; but luckily for Yuuji, he is saved by a sword-wielding red-headed girl that calls herself a "Flame Haze". The girl informs him that he has been dead for some time now and that his current self is merely a replacement for the human that he used be while alive. He is, she says, merely a torch whose life will come to an end when the blue flame in his chest ceases to burn. After this rude awakening, Yuuji realizes that he is able to see the flames of life in other "torches"; and after discovering that a friend of his is also a torch -- and her life is burning out faster than his – he gains the courage to live out the rest of his life with meaning. Will Yuuji be able to find his place in the world before he ceases to exist?

    • Romance
    • Magic
    • Fantasy 
    • Action
    • Great Fight scenes
    • Girls kicking asses
    • Girls being less annoying than the guy
    • Has a main guy that's really pointless to start with but then becomes more important and stronger throughout
    • Has weird relationships 
    • Slowish Start but once your into it, your into it
    • Both have been Dubbed :P 

    Wednesday, 15 October 2014

    Review of Amnesia

    The storyline in my opinion was not unique but was told in a unique kind of way. I was kind of confused for like the majority of the anime but because of the content in the anime and the ending I really did enjoy this anime.

    Would just like to point out that in this anime the date 1st August means a lot and I was watching most of this anime on that date… CREEPY!!!

    The animation and sound were perfect and the opening song was so... Wow... Amazing... tbh I felt like the Opening song was better than some of the anime itself.

    The Characters were lacking a lot of development... Well everyone but Heroine. I think because of the type of Anime it was, this was the reason for the lack of development... But still, I think it could have been a lot more.

    Overall I just want to say this was a hard anime to get into and also to follow but the bits that were good... Were REALLY good.

    Final Rating:

    Story- 8/10
    Animation- 10/10
    Sound- 10/10
    Characters- 6/10
    Overall- 7.8/10

    Sunday, 12 October 2014

    Anime Spotlight #7: Romeo x Juliet

    On a tragic night in Neo Verona, the Capulet family is murdered by Montague and the country is seized. The only Capulet survivor is the child Juliet, who is rescued by loyal knights. Fourteen years later, people in Neo Verona live in poverty and fear. Juliet has spent her life in hiding, and in disguise as the male Red Whirlwind, secretly fighting Neo Verona’s oppression. On one of her secret adventures, she is helped by Romeo and falls in love. Finally, on one fateful day, Juliet’s family reveals her heritage and their desire for her to reclaim her title and rescue Neo Verona from tyranny. Meanwhile, Juliet also discovers that Romeo is the son of her worst enemy. Can Juliet rescue Neo Verona and kill the father of the man she loves?

    Anime: Romeo x Juliet
    No. Eps:  24 Eps
    Studio: GONZO
    Aired: Spring 2007

    Reason for Spotlight:
    This name of the Anime should say it all. In honestly, this Anime was amazing, it had nearly everything perfect and the whole thing was put together stunningly. Yes, it will make you cry if you cry over sad tragedies but it is worth it with this Anime. I will not compare this to any other anime but, If you like sad Anime for a reason then this Anime is worth every second.

    My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars
    AVG. Rating on "Anime Planet" ATM: 3.94 Stars

    Saturday, 11 October 2014

    Anime Recommendation #5: If you like Psycho-Pass you might like...

    If you liked Psycho-Pass:

    In the future, a system called Sibyl presides over the country and provides order to every facet of life. It dictates which job fields citizens should go into based on aptitude tests, and can even read each resident's mental state and predict which ones are likely to commit crimes in the future. Fresh from exams, Akane Tsunemori is beginning her career as an Inspector, a specialized police officer who works to apprehend these latent criminals and stop crimes before they happen. But not all that get caught are eliminated or jailed, some join the police force as Enforcers to provide insight into criminals’ minds, and Akane is warned not to get too close to them, as they're considered little more than hunting dogs. Though skeptical of this advice, and Sibyl's judgement, Akane is determined to work together with her Enforcers to protect the peace of her city and its inhabitants.

    You might like Tokyo Ghoul:

    The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious "ghouls" who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the café he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight.

    • Dark and Twisted
    • Cruel Reality 
    • Gore
    • Violence
    • Times to laugh, even though its normally dark
    • Main characters you cant help but love. 
    • Unique Storylines (In my opinion) 
    • Sci-fi/Supernatural 

    Wednesday, 8 October 2014

    Review of Angel Beats!

    Finally watched this – WOOP!

    The storyline in my opinion was unique in certain areas and not in some. I am going to skip to the part where I say this HAD ME IN FLOOD OF TEARS. This made me cry just as bad as Clannad but only at two parts unlike Clannad when I cried nearly every other episode. The way this story is told is so amazingly beautiful and stunning. I loved the fact there was a comedy aspect to it and if it didn’t have the comedy part I am very sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. I actually kind of like the idea of this happening in real life to a certain extent as It really is a harsh life if your life is cut short without you having a fulfilled life.

    The animation and sound were perfect and the opening and ending song was so pretty and amazing and it added to the Anime so very well.

    I am going to be quick about the Characters as they all had such different personalities and I loved each one for different reasons. The main male character being Otonashi handled the situation badly to start with but then got smarter and stronger and I could honestly say that I love him as a character.

    Overall I just want to say, I loved this Anime and it was almost 100% perfect :D

    Final Rating:

    Story- 9.5/10
    Animation- 10/10
    Sound- 10/10
    Characters- 10/10
    Overall- 10/10

    Review of Black Cat

    My good friend of mine suggested this anime so many time that I finally caved in and started watching it - Which I am of course glad for :D

    The storyline is unique and nothing I have ever seen before (FACT). I loved how it all started and although at first I was a little hesitant my friend advised me that IT WILL GET WAY BETTER. It did get way better, I mean REALLY better SO good that I got hooked and watched the last half of the anime in like 1-2days :D.

    The Animation lacked a little at times but I do know this was made in 2007 and the technology wasn’t what it is now, meaning if I was review this 3 years ago I would have rated the animation 7 or something like that. The sound was perfect and can i say how much i adored the Opening song - AMAZING.

    The characters were almost perfect but I felt a certain character was a tad annoying at time but other than that I loved them all. My favourite characters were Train (Black Cat), Sven and Eve.

    Overall I really enjoyed this anime and was very pleased with how it ended :)

    Final Rating:

    Story- 10/10
    Animation- 9/10
    Sound- 10/10
    Characters- 9.5/10
    Overall- 10/10

    Sunday, 5 October 2014

    Anime Spotlight #6: InuYasha

    Kagome is a normal high school girl who falls into a well, transporting her back in time to the feudal era. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. As if this isn't enough, she also discovers that she is the bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of great spiritual power, a jewel which has just shattered into a million shards. Now, along with Miroku the priest, Sango the demon hunter, and Shippou the mischievious fox-demon, they must set out to find the Shikon shards and defeat the evils of the demon Naraku.

    Anime: InuYasha
    No. Eps:  167 Eps
    Studio: Sunrise
    Aired: 2000-2004

    Reason for Spotlight:
    This anime was one of those that were long running and popular way back, before "Naruto" and "Bleach" took over. Although it has poor graphics because of the time it was made its such an amazing anime. It is also Dubbed for people who only like to watch anime in English. If you anime which last long and has many different genres linked to it then this anime is perfect for you.

    PS. Don't think that the end is after this series as there is a second short series called "InuYasha: The Final Act" which is what concludes the whole Anime. 

    My Rating: 5 Stars
    AVG. Rating on "Anime Planet" ATM: 3.64 Stars

    Saturday, 4 October 2014

    Anime Recommendation #4: If you like Ouran High School Host Club you might like...

    If you liked Ouran High School Host Club:

    Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. The vase was the property of Ouran High School Host Club, a group of attractive young men who, for a fee, provide their time and affections for their lovesick clientele: the female students. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for...

    You might like Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%:

    With dreams of becoming a composer and someday writing a song for her favorite idol, Haruka enters the Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school. If successful there, she’ll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. However, it won’t be so easy when Haruka is already surrounded by potential idols and composers. On top of that, her homeroom teacher is a current idol, the headmaster was a record-breaking singer, and the academy itself is a chaotic place where anything can happen. Which prince of song will be paired up with Haruka?! Uta no Prince Sama is an exciting, coming-of-age romantic comedy that will be like sweet music to your eyes and ears!

    • Reverse Harem
    • Comedy 
    • Shoujo
    • Romance, I guess
    • School-Life
    • Cute boys
    • Addictive 
    • A little bit cheesy :P

    Wednesday, 1 October 2014

    Review of Bleach

    First off I just want to say, I am reviewing this just a little different to my normal Anime reviews because it was such a long Anime with different ARC's thrown into the mix.

    The Bount ARC:
    Although I did enjoy this ARC there wasn't a huge need for it, as all it did was make Ichigo stronger in which they could have did without this ARC. At times I was grateful for this ARC but most the time I was praying for it to hurry up and finish so I could jump back into the main storyline.

    The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai ARC:
    Ahhh... I have mixed feeling for this... At time I feel what I feel for the Bount ARC but I also feel like, I needed this ARC to have a small break from the main storyline. I loved this ARC but I also hated it. (Confused about this ARC).

    The Past ARC:
    There was no need to have this ARC they could have explain this in flashbacks in which they ACTUALLY did. But no really... I found it pointless... only good thing about it was we found a little bit more about the Vizords...

    Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale ARC:
    This is the only ARC that I enjoyed and loved. I have no mixed feelings with this. This ARC was needed in my opinion. It took one last break before diving into the main storyline. I just loved it... I always wanted more to do with the zanpakuto's and I got it in this ARC.

    Main Storyline:
    The main storyline was a perfect 10/10 for me, from the start to the finish it was amazing to see how far the storyline went and how things progressed with the characters. From seeing weak people to very strong people at the end was the best thing ever. So much in this storyline was unique and nothing I have ever seen before and it kept me on the edge of my seat at certain times.

    The Sound and Animation was fine although I hated the first opening titles but loved them from then on. The ending songs… on which I got to hear were okay but nothing special. .

    The Characters in this Anime is amazing and omg... I am in love with so many of them.

    Ichigo is my fave guy character in this Anime. - He is weak yet grows strong, he loves and he protects with all he has.

    Renji is my fave lieutenant in this Anime – He is strong, funny and knows when he has to grow stronger and he also has a need to protect people.

    Rukia is my fave female character in this Anime – Although the first god knows seasons, you never got to see her kick ass, eventually you did and that’s when I fell in love with her.

    Last but not least, my fave Captain is Toshiro because why not!? – He is amazing, not the average likeable character yet I like him. He is all for getting his job done yet most the time slips up and enjoys the fact things don’t go right. Awesome character.

    Also I ship Ichigo and Orihime <3 – Haters gonna hate :P

    Overall I really enjoyed this Anime but some of the ARCs made me… rate this lower than I would have liked to rate it. WELL WORTH THE WATCH. :D

    Final Rating:
    Story- 8/10
    Animation- 10/10
    Sound- 10/10
    Characters- 10/10
    Overall- 9/10

    The Girls :)


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